How it Works

Here are the detailed steps required to get your website up and running:

  • Domain Name:  You will need a domain for your site. You can use one of many companies for this, or I can secure a domain for you at an annual fee of $25.  This amount is $10 above our cost, which helps offset the invoice processing time. 
  • Price Quote: I will discuss your site with you and provide a price quote. There are never any surprises!
  • I will help you determine a style for your site that is tailored to your needs. If you are interested in selling your product online I can build a variety of online shopping sites at a surprisingly affordable cost.
  • You begin to get the site content together: That is, what you want to say, what pages you want and any photos or graphics you would like. I will be working with you and making recommendations as needed.
  • Pay half of the one-time setup fee plus the hosting fee (as shown below under 'Yearly Cost') based on the quote I provided before starting: Basic sites are $600 for the setup fee. Custom sites are normally $600, plus $50/hour above 12-hours of build time.  Online shopping store sites will be quoted to fit your needs.
  • I build your site working with you regularly to make sure you approve of everything.
  • After your final approval your site goes live and you are invoiced for the final half of the setup fee.
  • Yearly cost: As mentioned above, you will pay the first year of hosting when I start the project. After that, you will be billed as follows each year on the anniversary of the start date (There are no other fees, no contracts and you can cancel at any time):

    1. $250/year hosting fee for all new three-in-one sites.  There is an additional yearly hosting fee for an online store. Prices always quoted up front.
    2. $200/year hosting fee per each If you have a 3-in-1 site you will not need this. 
    3. $25/year for each domain BlueBranch registers for you (if any). 

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