Site Updates?

Future Updates to Your Website…

When your site goes live I will offer you a free half-hour training session. Upon completion of that training you will have the ability to make routine site changes whenever you wish. No more emailing a webmaster repeatedly and waiting days for a site update.

However, some of my clients prefer not to get involved in performing their own site maintenance. For them I offer an optional update service that is affordable and timely. If you choose this option, requested updates will be completed within 24 hours. If a specific update will require more time than 24 hours, you will be informed of the reason at the outset, and provided a firm completion time. If you utilize my update service, you will quickly realize that I take great pride in honoring deadlines and promises!

Pricing for my optional update service is $60/hour. There is a half-hour minimum charge ($30) for the first update each month. Subsequent work for the month is billed in quarter-hour increments. Most routine updates can be done in a quarter-hour ($15).

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